Kamogawa Seaworld

Enjoy an overnight stay at a popular aquarium where you can see the best orca shows in the Kanto region

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This is the Kanto region’s largest aquarium with over 11,000 exhibits of marine life. There are plenty of performances, the orca show being the most famous. And Seaworld is also popular for its hotel accommodations so that you can stay overnight.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

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Adult: 2,800 YEN
Children: 1,400 YEN

Adults: High school and older Children: 4 years to junior high school
Kamogawa Sea World, 1464-18 Azumacho Kamogawa-shi,Chiba
(047) 093-4803

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The wonderful location of the aquarium

Kamogawa Seaworld which is located along the coast of the Boso Peninsula is attractive for the way it has become one with the sea. Its 16 areas provide displays that are very close to the natural marine ecologies including the Sea Turtle Beach and Pelican Pond on the artificial beach and the Sea Lion and Seal Sea. The orca shows are popular events since they can only be seen at two facilities in Japan, the only other one being the Nagoya Aquarium.

Plenty of performance starting with the orcas

The performances are the thing at Kamogawa Seaworld. There are places to see shows for animals such as the orcas, belugas, dolphins and seals with the schedule designed so that you can see them in succession. In the Guided Discovery Tours, there are plenty of programs for encounters. You can enjoy to your heart’s content encounters with animals such as dolphins and belugas, photographs with the dolphins and seals, and feeding time with tropical sharks and rays.

The unique opportunity to stay overnight at the aquarium

There are also many events to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. During the Night Adventure held during September, you can observe the fish at the aquarium at night with the help of commentary by staff. A very popular event is the Night Stay where you can spend the night right in front of the water tanks. There is a wide variety in this program to appeal to all generations including a Ladies’ Night Stay, a Night Stay restricted to all those 20 years and up, and the Rocky World Night Stay for families. This is a major program that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

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