Sights in Aomori

Sannai-Maruyama Ruins

Experience life before the birth of Christ at Japan’s largest Jomon settlement ruins for free

Mount Osore

The northernmost sacred area that is reputed to gather the spirits of the dead


A World Heritage expanse of trees consisting of a virgin forest of Japanese beech

Oirase Stream

A mysterious stream flowing through the lush Towada-Hachimantai National Park

Seiryu-ji Temple

A statue of Buddha has made itself one with the woods. This is a temple in which Japan’s largest sitting bronze Buddh...

Furofushi Onsen

Relax to the sound of the ocean. The hot spring resort boasts a rotenburo (open-air bath) that is one with the sea!

Chosho-ji Temple

The family temple of the Tsugaru clan located in the center of Zenringai. Its early Edo Era construction makes it a p...

Aomori Gyosai Center (Furukawa Market)

Feel free to have as much nokke from the fresh sashimi as you can! Try creating your dream kaisendon (raw seafood on ...

Hirosaki Castle

Famous for the splendor of its spring cherry blossoms. A landmark symbolizing the city of Hirosaki boasting a history...


A temple community unusual even in Japan where 33 Zen temples are grouped along one path

Nebuta Museum Wa Rasse

A museum where you can experience the great Nebuta Festival of the summer all year!

Lake Towada

Wonderful scenery which changes by the season in the morning and at night! This is a shining crater lake in the middl...

Senjojiki Coast

The natural dynamism of Tsugaru. A huge coastal terrace facing the sea

Tsugaru-han Neputamura

Get to know Tsugaru with all your senses! An interactive facility amassing Tsugaru culture into one

Paddy Art

Gigantic pictures appear on rice paddies! Colorful rice art from summer to autumn

Saisho-in Temple

The tall pagoda at the ancient temple which was constructed in the 16th century has been called the most beautiful of...

Lake Juniko (Twelve Lakes)

A mysterious group of lakes and ponds located among Japanese beech forests and canyons

Towada Art Center

The world’s artists come together in Towada in houses for art where dreams flow!

Aoike Pond

A mysteriously blue crystal-clear pond whose miraculous color was created by nature

Aomori Nebuta Festival

Ornately illuminated gigantic nebuta floats are majestically paraded throughout the city