Paddy Art

Gigantic pictures appear on rice paddies! Colorful rice art from summer to autumn

The huge rice paddies become a canvas where ears of rice are the paints to grow gigantic art. Those colorful natural ears of rice used for the art include general kinds along with ancient and new varieties. The best time to see it is between summer and fall.
Business Hours

Depends on the year Please check sources such as the official website *2016 Exhibition Information First Paddy Art May 30th-October 10th Second Paddy Art June 18th-October 10th
Adult: 300 YEN
Children: 100 YEN

Admission depends on the year and viewing site Please check sources such as the official website
123-1 Nakatsuji, Inakadate, Inakadatemura, Minamitsugaru, Aomori
(0172) 58-2111

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