Oirase Stream

A powerful stream flowing through the lush Towada-Hachimantai National Park

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Oirase Stream is located in Aomori Prefecture, at the northernmost tip of the Honshu island. The biggest attraction of the area is the hike through the natural landscape where you can see the waterfalls and the streams.
奥入瀬渓流,towada, Aomori
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A beautiful stream in the middle of lush pristine nature

Oirase Stream which flows between Nenokuchi on the shores of Lake Towada and Yakeyama is a stream which has one of Japan’s loveliest views. On the 14-kilometer stream, there are clear streams and waterfalls along bold cliffs created by nature whose appearance is filled with change. This area is within Towada-Hachimantai National Park, and it has been recognized nationally as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and preserved as a Natural Monument. It not only has wild birds and fish living in the stream, but unique animals such as wild goats and the Tohoku salamander also inhabit the area. It is a green paradise which charms visitors with its mystique certainly evoking a deep remote area in Tohoku.

Enjoying trekking by Oirase Stream

The stream is surrounded by natural woods distinct to Japan where you can enjoy a mossy scenery built from waterfalls and rocks brimming with character. The area is a dynamic sight to see with 3 bodies of water flowing together: the rough-flowing Samidare-no-Nagare, the Ashura-no-Nagare which crashes into the rocks, and the Choshi Ohtaki Waterfall which, at a width of 20 meters, is the largest waterfall at Oirase Stream. Also, with the new leaves glinting in the spring, the sky being covered by the many trees during the cool summer, the vivid colors of the fall and the snow and icicles of the harsh winter, the seasonal vistas formed from the nature in the Tohoku region will always charm you with a special atmosphere no matter when you visit.

A tip for that stroll through Oirase Stream

Oirase Stream, which splendidly preserves the lush natural environment, has a road and walking path running alongside it which are easy to traverse for the average tourist. The walking course from Ishigedo to Lake Towada is popular for its beautiful landscape, but since there is not one washroom along the 14-kilometer course, please plan your breaks accordingly. Also during the snowy winters, the temperatures drop severely so it is advised to wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the nature walk.

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