A diverse area including the metropolis of Nagoya with famous castles, pottery and a marine environment.

Area Characteristics

Located virtually at the center of the Japanese archipelago, Aichi Prefecture is an area which includes Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay facing the Pacific Ocean. Nagoya, which is the seat of the prefectural government, is one of Japan’s three major cities. Aichi also has prosperous industries such as the world-famous auto manufacturer Toyota, the cities of Seto and Tokoname known for their pottery, and the iron-and-steel manufacturing in the Tokai region. On the other hand, the prefecture is also rich in nature in terms of the sea and canyons.


Famous spots

The prefecture is famous for its historic landmarks located everywhere as an area associated with Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first leader of the Edo shogunate. Notable places include the prefectural capital of Nagoya, known for Nagoya Castle, Inuyama with its national treasure of Inuyama Castle, Okazaki which is the birthplace of Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Toyokawa which has gathered followers for its God of Commerce. However at the same time, Aichi can also be enjoyed for its great nature which includes Chita Peninsula surrounded by Ise and Mikawa Bays, and the beautiful Kouran Canyon.




Aichi Prefecture is also famous for its dishes using the special Hatcho miso. In the Nagoya and Okazaki areas, misonikomi udon (udon noodles stewed in miso) and miso katsu (deep-fried pork cutlet covered in a rich miso sauce) can be sampled. By the ocean to the south of the prefecture, in the Chita Peninsula and the Tahara region, there are fresh seafood dishes. The rich fishing grounds of southern Chita contain premium fugu (blowfish) which can be eaten at reasonable prices. The city of Nishio is not only famous for its tea but visitors can also try a variety of dishes using special tea leaves including cha-soba and matcha cake.




The gateway for Aichi tourism is Nagoya. From Tokyo, Nagoya can be reached via the JR Tokaido Shinkansen in as little as 2 hours. Japan Railway lines or Meitetsu (Nagoya Railroad) can be used to get to other areas within the prefecture.




Many modern hotels are centered on Nagoya Station. For touring Okazaki, Inuyama, Seto and Toyokawa, starting from Nagoya Station is recommended. Chita Peninsula is well known as a seaside tourist area with plenty of natural hot springs so it’s hoped that visitors can spend their time relaxing at the hotels equipped with onsen or ryokan.