Fushimi Inari Shrine

Fushimi Inari Shrine – A 1,300 years old shrine for the God of bountiful crops and prosperous business


The historic community of houses crowded around the island bay that has survived since the Edo Era



A photogenic town filled with eye-catching signs



Known as one of the Three Views of Japan, Matsushima has a superb view of large and small islands which has continued to charm visitors since ancient times



Daibutsu is the highlight of this exemplary ancient-Nara temple, which has fascinated people for time immemorial.



The Tour of Old and New Japan in Asakusa


The World Heritage site silk factory which contributed to the modernization of Japan



A post station that looks just as if you’ve taken a trip back to the Edo Era


Japan’s first silk-reeling factory which has been registered as a World Heritage site


A giant rock that soars high into the sky from ocean surface. You can sense the dynamism only found on Sado!


One of the largest public aquariums in the world where you can enjoy the underwater world from around the Pacific Rim


Zuigan-ji Temple

A National Treasure temple which Masamune Date devoted himself to building with the air of gorgeous Momoyama culture


A World Heritage site of Scenic Beauty with a surviving elegant garden of Heian aristocracy that came of age in the Tohoku region


Sannai-Maruyama Ruins

Experience life before the birth of Christ at Japan’s largest Jomon settlement ruins for free


This commercial district in the venerable resort area of Karuizawa is filled with restaurants and stores



Kiyomizu-dera – Kyoto’s most popular tourist attraction


Tour an inlet by tarai bune (tub boat). Enjoy your time on the gently undulating sea


The Great Buddha: the best sightseeing spot in Kamakura


A gigantic industrial heritage site which was once the largest ore floatation plant in East Asia is back in the spotlight


Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle, the symbol of Osaka that abounds with history


Yamashita Park

A seaside park in the port city of Yokohama where large passenger ships can be seen


View the nightscape of Tokyo for free! Relax and enjoy a glass of wine served 202 meters above ground in the Tokyo Government Building.



Osaka’s greatest shopping area, sharing old and new


An ancient temple surrounded by a cedar forest with an impressive and beautiful five-story pagoda that took two generations of temple carpenters to complete


Eikan-do, where you can refresh your soul from the beautiful autumn leaves and the Mikaeri Amida


Karuizawa’s oldest church is a product of the original settlers of Karuizawa


Tokyo Tower

End your day of Tokyo sightseeing with the remarkable view from Tokyo Tower


This ancient temple on a lush green mountain built to resemble Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto was established in the Heian Era


A wildlife kingdom where you can observe animals from the comfort of your car.


Tokyo Skytree

An Unbroken View of Tokyo from Japan’s Highest Tower


A silk manufacturing plant that has continued to protect the traditions of raw silk making


Shibuya Crossing

The crossing in front of Shibuya Station is a landmark of the area where 3000 people cross en masse at one time on weekends


Come across gourmet restaurants and shopping while walking along Komachi-dori. Drop in on some of these places while heading to Hachiman-gu Shrine.



Enjoy Kyoto at its Most “Kyoto-esque”: Gion



Experience the unique atmosphere of old Japan at Shinjuku’s Golden Gai



Enjoy shopping in the neighborhood where ‘kawaii’ culture began


Imperial Palace

Take a moment to refresh yourself in the midst of the greenery of the Imperial Palace



Shibuya, the Pulse and Heart of Tokyo’s Youth


Robot Restaurant

An incredible 90-minute experience with robots, tanks and fighters

Sado Mine

The remains of a once-flourishing gold mine which boasted Japan’s highest ore output, discovered during the Edo Era


Pink shibazakura (moss phlox) spreads all over behind Mt. Fuji. Go and see this scenery only seen in spring.



It’s not just for shopping and dining…there are plenty of amusement facilities including a casino


Shinjuku’s hole-in-the-wall, with 200 bars and restaurants squeezed into a maze of narrow streets


An island which was a former penal colony where you can fully enjoy traditional culture together with Mother Nature


Rainbow Bridge

The landmark for the Tokyo waterfront. The night view is spectacular!


Enjoy nature in the middle of the city at Tokyo’s version of Central Park


Try panning for gold as you learn all about it by the historic Sado Gold Mine

Sado Kisen

The transportation system linking Sado Island and the mainland. Enjoy a pleasant marine trip while viewing the ocean


Kagurazaka retains that scent of an entertainment quarter from the good old days. Strolling along the stone-paved roads, it’s something out of the Michelin guide.



From Anime to Idols to electronics, Akihabara has it all



Kappabashi, the Kingdom of Cooking. Japan’s No. 1 street for kitchen utensils


Try a 90-minute sea kayaking course that takes you into the rough waves of the Sea of Japan!


Shinsekai, filled with the nostalgic air of Japan


Yasukuni Shrine

A shrine dedicated to the war dead which is also a famous place for cherry blossoms. The festival stalls are a must-see.


Umeda is THE place for everything from Japan’s cutting-edge trends to household applicances.



Experience a bit of old Japan in Yanaka which has more than 70 temples


Immerse yourself in the beauty of the four seasons at the gorge with a superb view created from fantastically-shaped rocks and waterfalls


Get to know Mumyoi-yaki through a DIY workshop and find out about the subtlety and beauty of clay.


Edo Tokyo Museum

A museum where you can thoroughly learn about Edo and Tokyo


Tenryu-ji Temple

Tenryu-ji Temple, a World Heritage site with the spectacular Unryu-zu (image of the cloud dragon) and a garden from 700 years ago


A wide swath of terraced rice paddies cultivated on a slope through natural agricultural methods



Arashiyama, a prominent tourist spot in Kyoto where you can enjoy the great outdoors


The precious toki, or crested ibis, that had once disappeared from the skies of Japan, have returned


Tokyo Solamachi

Tokyo Solamachi, a new shitamachi. A place where you can get limited-edition goods as souvenirs sparkling with craftsmanship.


The sight of recreated mine workers from 400 years ago


The two large rocks that burst from the sea form an ever-changing secluded beach depending on the season and weather


As soon as you hear it, your heart will throb, as soon as you beat it, your heart will sing! The attraction of taiko drumming linked to the heart!


Cruise down the Geibikei Gorge with its superb scenery as you hear the strains of the minyo song “Oiwake Uta”


The story behind the evolution of Haneda Airport. Enjoy a good time at the airport as recreation.


A gallery amassing the elegant pottery of Sekisui Ito, a Living National Treasure


Sumida Aquarium

Enjoy the view at Skytree and then enjoy the world of the sea at Solamachi.


The perfect points to view Matsushima amid the mountains


Enjoy exploring temples and typical Kyoto-style cobblestone streets


The mysterious blue that expands within the cave. A remote part of Jodogahama toured by a sappa boat.



A delicately designed garden is truly a work of art. Landscapes of every season allow visitors the luxury of experiencing through all five senses the changes brought about by time.


A 360-degree view spreads out from the unique rooftop garden connecting the 2 buildings


Roppongi Hills

An example of an urban multipurpose complex, Roppongi Hills has plenty of services for people to enjoy with their children.


A café where you can enjoy cute owls to your heart’s content


Yasaka Shrine

The guardian deity of the Hanamachi (geisha quarter) providing hope through protection against evil, the warding off of disease, and prosperity of business


A course touring the history of a modern mine where you can get a sense of its huge scale and dramatic evolution


A novel experience! The history of Sado is told through robots in the costumes of old


The castle of a Nambu feudal lord inside a civic park. The remains of the stone walls have history carved into them


Open for 2 years, it’s a popular outlet mall that has increased to 150 stores


A mysterious stream flowing through the lush Towada-Hachimantai National Park


Enjoy a cruise viewing scenery interweaving sheer cliffs and a complex bay



Ryogoku is the place for sumo. See the full intensity of the sumo wrestlers (rikishi) up close!


A mystical cedar forest which has existed for about 300 years with huge trees uniquely shaped through the actions of strong winds and snow


The magnificent culture of the Tohoku Heian nobility is recreated here, and the park is famous as a location for filming samurai dramas


There are 30 kinds of Buddhist experiences. This is a temple filled with entertainment!


Get a full view of nature in the Hozu River valley colored by the four seasons from the leisurely running Torokko


An interactive facility where the artisans of Morioka gather to show the traditional handicrafts from the good old days


A thrilling festival of Asakusa tradition with vigorous shouts accompanying the parade of mikoshi through the streets


Fresh seafood cuisine at the northernmost tip of Sado Island featuring local ingredients specially selected by shopkeepers.


As mysterious Noh performances float amid the fire illuminating the darkness, the true charm of outdoor Noh is experienced with all five senses


Marvel at the spectacular display of the completely reproduced Edo Era cargo ship with a total length of 24m!



An automobile theme park where everyone from children to adults will “see, ride and feel”


Head for the brewery for high-grade sake. Sample famous first-class sake from Sado


Tokyo Game Show

The biggest event gathering the latest technology of the video game industry!


A mountainous driving course that proceeds for a total of 27km through the picturesque scenery of Hachimantai


The world of the “Pure Land” as the scenery of mysterious stone mountains rises up from the bay


A spiritual spot where Japan’s largest jizo statue prays for the happiness of the people


One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan which boasts the wonderful scenery of a Japanese garden. Coming up with a way to tour the garden will result in experiencing the tale of a famous garden.


A collaboration that brings together entertainment and 10,000 fireworks lighting up the sky over Tokyo


Mount Osore

The northernmost sacred area that is reputed to gather the spirits of the dead


The Mecca of subculture and an Akihabara landmark


A World Heritage expanse of trees consisting of a virgin forest of Japanese beech


A multiple facility filled with specialty shops and restaurants to be enjoyed by the entire family


Kawagoe, which has the spirit of Edo, is a historical city with easy access from Tokyo


Shibazakura Hill is a famous place in Chichibu and a popular spot in spring for tourists


An ancient serene temple whose appearance within a valley surrounded by small mountains has been extolled as being like a lotus blossom


A lively local fish market with ample fresh seafood brought in from Japan’s prominent fishing grounds off the Sanriku coast


Take a dynamic walk along the grand panorama of precipitous cliffs that boast “Japan’s Most Beautiful Coastline”


Bringing together the attraction of Japan’s railways through everything from actual models to driving simulators


The scenery of machiya townhouses as vestiges of Edo when water transportation on the Kitakami River flourished


A limestone cave with a deep blue, clear and tranquil lake of mystery


Arhat (people who have achieved Nirvana) statues carved into natural rock in prayer for the repose of souls of those lost during a great famine which struck the Tohoku area


An ancient temple in a town of temples which has retained a charm from the feudal era which was dedicated to the 500 Buddhist arhats (statues)


Rural districts, water wheels, thatched-roof houses…experience the region of Tono within the landscape of a recreated agricultural village


A pure white Daikannon statue that rises 48.5m in height with a beautiful contrast with the blue sea


A railway that soars up to the galaxies runs here. A bridge in a remote woodland that spurs thoughts of nostalgia.


At 40 degrees north latitude, a panorama of superb scenery that is said to have the most beautiful seasonal changes


An exciting samba parade with dazzling costumes and impressive dancing


A deep pool of a clear stream which is the home of the kappa water sprites mentioned in folklore!


From a pit dwelling to a Nambu Magari house, this is an open-air museum with examples of old Iwate architecture


The remains of a glorious temple of the past related through a pond, embankments and foundation stones


A wild landscape consisting of a cooled and hardened lava flow down the mountain


A Tenman-gu shrine that has enshrined a guard dog so charming that it is almost like a mascot character

Unosu Cliff

The landscape of soaring cliff walls carved into a zigzag shape as it juts out into the ocean


A fully restored World Heritage site that expressed the world of the Pure Land


An open-air museum relating the old hometown traditions of Tono


What artistry! A shop specializing in food samples that look exactly like the real thing


Stroll through the garden and relax in a hot bath. Spend a soothing time in Tono


A matchmaking shrine built in the Edo Era at the foot of Mt. Atago, it is said to bring romantic fulfillment

@home Café

At @home Café, maids will welcome their masters and mistresses home


Two popular lava caves in Aokigahara Forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji


A pure Japanese onsen inn surrounded by primeval forest, it provides healing from a simple mountain hospitality and supreme waters


The rejuvenated airport is not just for catching flights anymore


A cutlery shop with 90 years of experience specializing in sharpening techniques passed down over the decades


A mountain onsen with a wild feeling and hot waters roaring through the rough rock


An aquarium on top of a skyscraper with the theme of a sky oasis


You gotta get up early! An inexpensive market selling vegetables of the season raised on the great land under the pure sky


Enjoy the regional taste of sake and local beer that has garnered international acclaim


The World Heritage blast furnace is in the middle of a forest. The history of its modern-day iron manufacturing is related to the present day


With its gigantic cooling tower jutting out from within a heavily-wooded mountain, this is Japan’s first geothermal plant


A cat café where you can leisurely relax with some cute kitties


Japan’s largest bus terminal with access from Tokyo to 39 prefectures


The famous terminus on what was once Japan’s steepest slope whose ekiben was also famous


An interactive railway theme park which relates about the history of one of the most difficult transportation routes of the Japanese railway, Usuitoge Pass


Japan’s largest arched brick bridge joining the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean

Usui Lake

Enjoy the autumn leaves of Usuitoge Pass which gave rise to the song “Momiji” (Maples) that has come to symbolize the season in Japan


A limited time underwater art exhibition to enhance the beauty of goldfish through light and video


One of Japan’s most difficult transportation routes where various stories were born from the age of myth

Mt. Myogi

The mountain which is bristling with strangely-shaped rocks is one of Japan’s Three Great Rare Scenic Beauties. The scene of interweaving fall colors and unusual rocks is especially beautiful.


A nature-filled day onsen surrounded by the mountains


A huge substation that was the first to electrify the main railroad


The walking trail that was once a railway line a century ago is located within a national park


The shrine buildings reveal the beauty of magnificent Japanese architecture at the center of worship toward Mt. Myogi


Ichinomiya Nukisaki Shrine is also known as “the shrine to step down to” since you have to go up the sando path and then go down the other side. There is a certain majesty that surrounds the distinct main building of the shrine.

Isobe Spa

A quiet onsen area which prospered in the Meiji and Taisho Eras, it is also known as the birthplace of the onsen icon.


A post town built by the Tokugawa shogunate


Head for a tranquil farming village a little under 2 hours from downtown Tokyo. Experience furusato (home) to your heart’s content


An elegant waterfall from where underground water spouts from the rock face and falls like chiffon


A place where you can see the crafts of Saitama Prefecture such as dolls, furniture and textiles all under one roof. The experience seminars are also fun


Experience the sub-culture of Japan in the city of Niigata, the manga and anime town!


Leisurely enjoy a cup of matcha tea while viewing Matsushima Bay. Kanrantei has also become a place to enjoy viewing the moon


This is a Zen Buddhist temple where you can relax in the Meditation Garden. There are four beautiful gardens which spread out quietly


Try making your own Takasaki daruma doll that can grant your wishes


One of the best premium outlet malls in Japan located within a popular resort!


The most popular vantage point among the “Matsushima Shitaikan” (Four Panoramic Views of Matsushima) is the “Sokan” (The Gorgeous View) on this peak!


A lush green natural park on Matsushima Bay. Head to the island via a vermillion bridge


This is a fish market street that prides itself on the freshness and reasonable prices of its products right by the beautiful scene of the Sea of Japan


An ancient temple in Kawagoe that has been called Koedo (Little Edo) because the beautiful building was moved from Edo Castle


The lake is famed for its water that is so clear, it’s like a mirror. Enjoy leisure activities such as pleasure cruises


With the benefit of the blessings of nature in Shinto Village, this is a proud winery where an abundance of wine is born


This temple standing on a small island is the oldest example of Momoyama-style architecture in the Tohoku region. It is also a place where precious hibutsu (Buddhist image normally held from public view) are stored


The grand mansion of the Ito family who were the great landowners of the Echigo region has been transformed into a museum. The beautiful garden and the Itos’ art collection can also be seen


Niigata is famous for its senbei (rice crackers), and it is right here where you can enjoy senbei yaki (roasted rice crackers)

Harada Farm

An interactive tourist farm where you can enjoy fruit picking all year…you can have your full pick of fresh fruits!


An all-weather shopping arcade that is fine in rain or snow with 80 stores


A power spot shrine that is unusual even in Japan for straddling the borderline between two prefectures


Chichibu Shrine boasts a 2000-year history as a religious site associated with the Tokugawa clan. The carvings adorning the main building cannot be missed


The temple with indoor slopes that twist around like a sazae (turban shell). This is a unique temple with a shape of a double helix


Get that physical thrill in the great nature of Minakami! Enjoy that wild river sports experience  


Close to Ouchi-juku, this is a shrine within a cedar forest nestled quietly in a tranquil mountain village


Experience the excitement of Chichibu Shrine and regular festivals through projection mapping


The former farming estate has been transformed into a luxurious ryokan. Relax in the simple and old-fashioned brand of hospitality