Tokyo Motor Show ( 東京モーターショー )

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One of the world’s leading auto shows in Tokyo bringing together the latest technology and advanced design

At the Tokyo Motor Show which brings together the future of the auto industry that is the focus of the world, experience a world where you can see, feel and ride the latest technology and a world rich with cars and people.

The Tokyo Motor Show with an international flavor

The Tokyo Motor Show, which is held biannually on odd-numbered years, is a huge international event where the world’s major automakers come together and participate. It’s one of the five large motor shows in the world, and along with domestic makers such as Toyota and Honda, top-line manufacturers from Asia, Europe and America bring their own distinct presentations of note. At the 2013 show, the largest number of overseas visitors was recorded, and the TMS became a major event worthy of the international metropolis of Tokyo. The main purpose of the motor show is that of a trade fair showing the latest in automobile technology and design, but from the smiles of event models adding color to the show to various other events happening at the same time at nearby sites, the whole area is engulfed in a festive mood so that anyone, and not just automobile fans, can enjoy the show.

A deep connection between future cars and people

Starting in 1954, the Tokyo Motor Show has reflected the changing trends along with the times. At the 2013 show, the needs of the changing times were reflected through the pursuit of safety and consideration for the natural environment. Also, recommendations on things such as new forms of energy and communications were acted upon, and a next-generation potential was revealed that wasn’t restricted to the automobile industry alone. As well, visitor interactive events such as the “Passenger Car Test Ride Program” and “Tour of the Tokyo Motor Show” received high praise. The Tokyo Motor Show has become increasingly something that cannot be missed as an auto show in Tokyo, Asia’s most cutting-edge modern city.

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Price Adult: 1600 JPY
Child: 0 JPY
High school students 500 yen
Preview Day 3500 yen
Various kinds of admission available such as the reasonable After 4 option

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