Onogame ( 大野亀 )

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A giant rock that soars high into the sky from ocean surface. You can sense the dynamism only found on Sado!

Onogame is a giant rock that bursts into the air like a mountain and thrusts into the shoreline. It is a superb sight that has earned 2 stars in the Michelin Green Guide and walking on the nature trail is a fully enjoyable experience

The topography of Onogame, 100 million years in the making

Onogame is a massive rock that boasts an incredible size on the northern shores of Sado Island. The rock which resembles a mountain is included as one of the three great rocks in Japan and has a height of 167m. Onogame derived its name from its resemblance to a gigantic coiled-up turtle, but the Japanese word of kame is also similar to kami, or god, and has the meaning of a sacred island; the stone lantern at the top of the rock is enshrined as a dragon god to preserve the safety for sailing. Onogame was born from volcanic activity which occurred an estimated 100 million years ago. Afterwards, changes in the earth’s crust starting from 3 million years ago led to a bulge from the ocean bottom which rose up approximately 200m. The portion that was laid bare on the earth’s surface was eroded through strong precipitation so that it is believed it is how the mountain-like giant rock was formed.

Enjoy a nature walk amid the sea breezes and smell of grass

There is a nature trail on Onogame where you can enjoy the beautiful sea by the shore and the dynamic view of the rock. There is a large torii gate by the entrance to the trail which provides one highlight bringing together religion and natural scenery. Also, the seaside landscape on the northern shores of Sado Island which includes Onogame has earned 2 stars in the Michelin Green Guide so that the uniquely pretty view of the extremely clear ocean and the giant rock has gotten high praise around the world.

Brilliant yellow lilies blooming on Onogame in early summer

Between late May and mid-June, a form of day lily known as Hemerocallis dumortieri blooms on Onogame. Numbering between 500,000 and 1 million blossoms, during its peak time when the flowers all bloom at once, vivid yellow flowers cover the entire area. The Kanzo Festival is held every year on the 2nd Sunday of June during which the traditional entertainment of Sado including folk songs and drumming is featured against the beautiful backdrop of Onogame.

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