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A World Heritage site of Scenic Beauty with a surviving elegant garden of Heian aristocracy that came of age in the Tohoku region


Mt. Iwate with its landscape being the calming soul of Iwate


Immerse yourself in the beauty of the four seasons at the gorge with a superb view created from fantastically-shaped rocks and waterfalls


Cruise down the Geibikei Gorge with its superb scenery as you hear the strains of the minyo song “Oiwake Uta”


The mysterious blue that expands within the cave. A remote part of Jodogahama toured by a sappa boat.


The castle of a Nambu feudal lord inside a civic park. The remains of the stone walls have history carved into them


The magnificent culture of the Tohoku Heian nobility is recreated here, and the park is famous as a location for filming samurai dramas


An interactive facility where the artisans of Morioka gather to show the traditional handicrafts from the good old days


A small trip on a single track starting from Morioka City making stops at rustic stations while navigating through lush green mountains


A rare scene is provided with Bishamondo which seems to meld into the rock wall


A mountainous driving course that proceeds for a total of 27km through the picturesque scenery of Hachimantai


A semi-naked festival with more than 1000 years of history that has been called one of the Three Major Unusual Festivals of Japan


The world of the “Pure Land” as the scenery of mysterious stone mountains rises up from the bay


A lively local fish market with ample fresh seafood brought in from Japan’s prominent fishing grounds off the Sanriku coast


Take a dynamic walk along the grand panorama of precipitous cliffs that boast “Japan’s Most Beautiful Coastline”


The scenery of machiya townhouses as vestiges of Edo when water transportation on the Kitakami River flourished


A limestone cave with a deep blue, clear and tranquil lake of mystery


Arhat (people who have achieved Nirvana) statues carved into natural rock in prayer for the repose of souls of those lost during a great famine which struck the Tohoku area


An ancient temple in a town of temples which has retained a charm from the feudal era which was dedicated to the 500 Buddhist arhats (statues)


Rural districts, water wheels, thatched-roof houses…experience the region of Tono within the landscape of a recreated agricultural village


A pure white Daikannon statue that rises 48.5m in height with a beautiful contrast with the blue sea


A railway that soars up to the galaxies runs here. A bridge in a remote woodland that spurs thoughts of nostalgia.


At 40 degrees north latitude, a panorama of superb scenery that is said to have the most beautiful seasonal changes


A beautiful classically-designed Western-style building from the Meiji Era with its red brick and a green dome


Riding a horse-drawn cart down the cherry tree path is a spring view out of a dream. One of the famous places in the Tohoku region for sakura.


Natural caverns where seawater is dynamically blown up into the sky through the pressure of waves


A landscape of the epic sea, fantastically-shaped rocks and pine forests which is a Place of Scenic Beauty along the coast


A deep pool of a clear stream which is the home of the kappa water sprites mentioned in folklore!


The Tohoku’s largest river flows quietly with the grand ridge of the Iwate Mountains in the background


A history of hardship and restoration. See the masterpiece of the Standing Image of Shokannon protecting the Tohoku’s oldest temple


From a pit dwelling to a Nambu Magari house, this is an open-air museum with examples of old Iwate architecture


The remains of a glorious temple of the past related through a pond, embankments and foundation stones


A wild landscape consisting of a cooled and hardened lava flow down the mountain


A Tenman-gu shrine that has enshrined a guard dog so charming that it is almost like a mascot character


A beautiful cape with a white lighthouse where you can catch the earliest sunrise on the island of Honshu


A 40-minute excursion with a refreshing sea breeze in which you can enjoy the scenic beauty of a tour of the strangely-shaped rocks

Unosu Cliff

The landscape of soaring cliff walls carved into a zigzag shape as it juts out into the ocean


A fully restored World Heritage site that expressed the world of the Pure Land


With sake brewed from the water and caverns of Ryusendo Cave, it is a venerable brewery in operation since the Edo Era that has earned numerous awards


An open-air museum relating the old hometown traditions of Tono


A local line that runs through the landscape of all 4 seasons. Once you get out of the tunnel, witness the autumn colors on the mountains and the snow-covered lake through the train windows


With exhibitions centering on the works of local artists, domestic and foreign special exhibitions are also held


Japan’s first ethnic museum where you can learn about Tono’s unique traditional culture


The snowy streets are wondrously lit up with candles to soothe the soul in an annual winter event from Morioka


Cars dash jauntily between the walls of snow. A snow corridor that presages spring in Hachimantai


Stroll through the garden and relax in a hot bath. Spend a soothing time in Tono


A famous place for lovely mountain flora that has been selected as one of the Top 100 Mountains for Flowers in Japan


Looking back upon the gaiety of a more refined age as a poetry competition is recreated within a scene rolling out like a Heian picture scroll at Motsu-ji Temple


Kenjiy Miyazawa Fairytale Village where you can enjoy a whole day as the protagonists of the author’s works can potentially pop up.


Who, when and why did someone place this rock? A gigantic rock standing stealthily in the middle of a forest


A simple shrine that just seems to pop up in the middle of a rice paddy, it is a Japanese scene from out of memory that is filled with nostalgia


A matchmaking shrine built in the Edo Era at the foot of Mt. Atago, it is said to bring romantic fulfillment


One of the Tohoku region’s prominent mountains for flora, it has a breathtaking beauty when it is covered in the fall colors


A highland resort where you can fully enjoy the blessings of nature without fail all throughout the year


Kenji Miyazawa’s private residence once located in a farming village from the good old days where his famous works bask in the afterglow


The area that was dubbed the English Coast by Kenji Miyazawa due to his love for the Dover Strait


A venerable event in the bitterly cold Morioka held by half-naked participants in prayers for sound health


A historical residence remaining within the city of Morioka, it has a beauty and serenity that can only be found in such an old home


The local shrine of the Nambu clan built in 1749 on the outermost region of Morioka Castle


A pure Japanese onsen inn surrounded by primeval forest, it provides healing from a simple mountain hospitality and supreme waters


A unique museum to get to know cows and to look at the relationship between them and humans from many angles!


A large festival with 300 years of history. The highlight is the atmospheric daimyo (feudal lord) procession that passes under the cherry trees


Established in 729, the Tohoku’s first Shugendo temple with a sleeping Buddha in the lushly green city of Oshu


A museum that diversely recreates the world of Kenji Miyazawa’s works


One of two Fujiwara festivals held in the spring and fall, the Spring Fujiwara Festival has the elegant procession of the ages


A 500-year-old traditional kagura (ancient Shinto music and dance) that has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage


A mysterious shrine deep in nature which has been in worship of a mountain since ancient times


An artificial lake with beautiful fall colors as far as the eye can see. You can also enjoy an onsen and camp next to the lake


A fantasy land of snow. The soft snow light through the streets provides a scenery that warms the heart


Iwate Snow Festival, the largest snow celebration on the island of Honshu attracts 300,000 visitors annually


A fantastically-shaped rock that boasts to be the most spectacular in the Sanriku coastal area at a height of 50m, it has continued to endure 100 million years of wind and snow


A museum that was restored from a former county office, modeled after Kenji Miyazawa’s children’s story “The Cat Office”


A 400-year-old shopping avenue which thrives with activity on Saturdays when the street market is open


A grand elegant festival adding color to the spring in Oshu where the absolutely gorgeous Hayashi floats are paraded through the streets


The residence where early 20th-century poet Takuboku Ishikawa lived with his newlywed wife


A traditional singing and dancing ritual performed for longevity that has continued at Motsu-ji Temple since its establishment 850 years ago


A gorge of two mighty soaring cliffs bracketing the Mabechi River for a grand superb scenery in northern Iwate Prefecture


A water mill that evokes the feeling of Tono with the appearance of an old-fashioned countryside


Begin your exploration of a castle town with these formal samurai houses preserved in Oshu


A spectacular cruise led by expert fishermen! A thrilling ride through fantastically-shaped rocks that are Places of Scenic Beauty


Ski runs that total a distance of 45,100m! One of Japan’s foremost ski resorts with accommodations


A 280-year-old summer event in Morioka to pray for good health towards the ancestral spirits


A World Heritage mountain adorned in legends which include one where a golden rooster had been buried there to protect Hiraizumi


A mountain onsen with a wild feeling and hot waters roaring through the rough rock


100 horses are on parade dressed in colorful costumes and jingling bells in a 200-year-old traditional event


A cave bath that evokes the image of a mine with the steam having a good effect on warming you right down to the core


An unusual onsen inside a train station where you can begin and end your travels in a hot spring


The power of nature to help you forget the cold of winter. Soothe your body through sand heated by a hot spring.


Raising a banner to celebrate a big catch, fishing vessels containing objects of worship majestically cross the ocean one after another in this local festival


You gotta get up early! An inexpensive market selling vegetables of the season raised on the great land under the pure sky


Fresh seafood abound in Ofunato. A treasure trove of the fruits of the sea in Sanriku!


A museum where you can learn for free about the culture and history in the World Heritage site of Hiraizumi


Enjoy the regional taste of sake and local beer that has garnered international acclaim


Relics to show the record of natural disasters to future generations to depict the threats from nature and a step toward recovery


The mystery behind the force of life of a cherry tree! A 360-year-old blossoming cherry tree that can break through a mighty rock


The World Heritage blast furnace is in the middle of a forest. The history of its modern-day iron manufacturing is related to the present day


The Japanese museum to gather 600 kinds of elegantly blossoming camellia from all over the world


With its gigantic cooling tower jutting out from within a heavily-wooded mountain, this is Japan’s first geothermal plant


Hire a guide for your Iwate Trip

Select your favorite spots and choose a knowledgeable guide to help you have the best and safest Iwate experience!

Hire a Guide Now!