Immerse yourself in the beauty of the four seasons at the gorge with a superb view created from fantastically-shaped rocks and waterfalls


Cruise down the Geibikei Gorge with its superb scenery as you hear the strains of the minyo song “Oiwake Uta”


The magnificent culture of the Tohoku Heian nobility is recreated here, and the park is famous as a location for filming samurai dramas


An interactive facility where the artisans of Morioka gather to show the traditional handicrafts from the good old days


The world of the “Pure Land” as the scenery of mysterious stone mountains rises up from the bay


Take a dynamic walk along the grand panorama of precipitous cliffs that boast “Japan’s Most Beautiful Coastline”


A limestone cave with a deep blue, clear and tranquil lake of mystery


Rural districts, water wheels, thatched-roof houses…experience the region of Tono within the landscape of a recreated agricultural village


An open-air museum relating the old hometown traditions of Tono


A highland resort where you can fully enjoy the blessings of nature without fail all throughout the year