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The World Heritage site silk factory which contributed to the modernization of Japan


Japan’s first silk-reeling factory which has been registered as a World Heritage site


One of Gunma’s 4 large onsen. Easily accessible from Tokyo for a day trip.


The superb scenery of an outdoor bath! Packed with the attractions of a high mountain hot spring such as the landscape and the cloudy hot waters


A wildlife kingdom where you can observe animals from the comfort of your car.


A silk manufacturing plant that has continued to protect the traditions of raw silk making


One of Japan’s Three Best Onsen. A luxurious hot spring to enjoy a variety of onsen from open-air to foot baths in heavenly waters.


An area of 500㎡! A popular open-air bath in Kusatsu


A theme park which has recreated a townscape from the European Middle Ages with a genuine old castle


The largest Place of Scenic Beauty for the Asama Highlands created from lava rock due to the eruption of Mt. Asama


This shrine with numerous Important Cultural Properties is a notable power spot in the Kanto region


The famous terminus on what was once Japan’s steepest slope whose ekiben was also famous


An interactive railway theme park which relates about the history of one of the most difficult transportation routes of the Japanese railway, Usuitoge Pass


Japan’s largest arched brick bridge joining the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean

Usui Lake

Enjoy the autumn leaves of Usuitoge Pass which gave rise to the song “Momiji” (Maples) that has come to symbolize the season in Japan


One of Japan’s most difficult transportation routes where various stories were born from the age of myth

Mt. Myogi

The mountain which is bristling with strangely-shaped rocks is one of Japan’s Three Great Rare Scenic Beauties. The scene of interweaving fall colors and unusual rocks is especially beautiful.


A nature-filled day onsen surrounded by the mountains


A huge substation that was the first to electrify the main railroad


The walking trail that was once a railway line a century ago is located within a national park


The shrine buildings reveal the beauty of magnificent Japanese architecture at the center of worship toward Mt. Myogi


Ichinomiya Nukisaki Shrine is also known as “the shrine to step down to” since you have to go up the sando path and then go down the other side. There is a certain majesty that surrounds the distinct main building of the shrine.

Isobe Spa

A quiet onsen area which prospered in the Meiji and Taisho Eras, it is also known as the birthplace of the onsen icon.


Enjoy the sand bath with active natural sea salt from Isobe Onsen. Get that healthy body from its detoxifying effects.


A post town built by the Tokugawa shogunate


A venerable shop which opened over 100 years ago, it is here where you can change into the traditional work wear of Japanese women


A recreated German farming town at the foot of Mt. Akagi in an area filled with nature


Discovered 1200 years ago, this limestone cave boasts a size that is the largest in the Kanto region with a total length of 2.2km


Japan’s foremost theme park focusing on snakes


Try making your own Takasaki daruma doll that can grant your wishes


With the benefit of the blessings of nature in Shinto Village, this is a proud winery where an abundance of wine is born

Harada Farm

An interactive tourist farm where you can enjoy fruit picking all year…you can have your full pick of fresh fruits!


A power spot shrine that is unusual even in Japan for straddling the borderline between two prefectures


Get that physical thrill in the great nature of Minakami! Enjoy that wild river sports experience  


Hire a guide for your Gunma Trip

Select your favorite spots and choose a knowledgeable guide to help you have the best and safest Gunma experience!

Hire a Guide Now!