Toshogu shrine – An extravagantly decorated World Heritage site


Stroll around Okunoin Temple – the sanctuary of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, the place where the souls of samurai warriors rest


A lake at the foot of Mt. Fuji that has been designated a World Heritage site, you can fully enjoy leisure wrapped in nature!



Daibutsu is the highlight of this exemplary ancient-Nara temple, which has fascinated people for time immemorial.


Nachi Taisha – a sacred location in Kumano that overlooks the scenic Nachi Falls


The World Heritage site silk factory which contributed to the modernization of Japan


Japan’s first silk-reeling factory which has been registered as a World Heritage site


A World Heritage site of Scenic Beauty with a surviving elegant garden of Heian aristocracy that came of age in the Tohoku region


Hike the Kumano Kodo path leading to the sacred site – A soothing peaceful walk through the forest


In a mountain village with deep snow populated by thatched-roof houses, you will sense the tradition that has been preserved over the generations


A 400-year-old silver mine. A World Heritage site spreading from the town up to the mountain itself.


Next to Tosho-g,u, it is a mysterious building, one of the oldest in Nikko


Taiyuinbyo – A registered national treasure representing heaven and earth


With the statues of Ashura and the Thousand-Armed Kannon, it is a valuable Buddhist treasure house.


In the World Heritage gassho-zukuri village of Gokayama, you will encounter a quiet mountain community with a simple traditional culture


Nikko-zan Rinnoji – A temple with more than 1,200 years of history. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shrines and Temples of Nikko


One of the Three Views of Japan, it is a World Heritage island that has been worshipped as a sacred island since ancient times


The village of gassho-zukuri houses which has been recognized as a World Heritage site where tradition and a way of life exist


Immerse yourself in the historical wonders of Horyuji, the first Japanese temple listed as a World Heritage site


Tenryu-ji Temple

Tenryu-ji Temple, a World Heritage site with the spectacular Unryu-zu (image of the cloud dragon) and a garden from 700 years ago


One of Japan’s three holy mountains. Nowhere else in Japan is closer to the Gods than the shrine at the peak of Mount Fuji


Covered in 120 kinds of moss, it’s a splendid garden which spreads out like a green carpet.


Heaven on earth – A World Heritage site, Byodoin Temple


The final dream of Hideyoshi, viewings of cherry blossoms and fall foliage at Daigo-ji


Mt. Misen

A mysterious mountain that has been registered as a World Heritage site alongside Itsukushima Shrine for its primeval forest


A World Heritage expanse of trees consisting of a virgin forest of Japanese beech


Once used as a diplomatic stage by the Ryukyu Kingdom, it is now a World Heritage site garden.


A mysterious island with a large ancient forest


Seibu Rindo Forest Path


The highest sacred ground in Okinawa which has been registered as a World Heritage site


A wonderful forest where you can view clear streams flowing close up


A famous castle of Okinawa whose walls stand out for their beauty as a World Heritage site


Okinawa’s oldest castle which is a World Heritage site that can be seen for free


The 6 castle walls that were appreciated by none other than Commodore Perry himself are a beautiful World Heritage site


The World Heritage blast furnace is in the middle of a forest. The history of its modern-day iron manufacturing is related to the present day


The highest peak in Kyushu. The epic view from the peak is the best on Yakushima.


A 1300-year-old World Heritage onsen site which flourished as the loading port for the Iwami Silver Mine


With a history of 1300 years, Motoyu is an onsen where 2-3 meters of medicinal waters flow forth from the source spring


A mysterious group of lakes and ponds located among Japanese beech forests and canyons


A mysteriously blue crystal-clear pond whose miraculous color was created by nature