Feel the mystical energy of the Meiji Shrine



Known as one of the Three Views of Japan, Matsushima has a superb view of large and small islands which has continued to charm visitors since ancient times


Stroll around Okunoin Temple – the sanctuary of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, the place where the souls of samurai warriors rest


A lake at the foot of Mt. Fuji that has been designated a World Heritage site, you can fully enjoy leisure wrapped in nature!


Cutting across the Northern Alps from east to west, a mountain route to enjoy for its natural beauty


Ohori Park

A lush green park in the heart of the city to enjoy entertainment, culture and sports


Kenroku-en – a famous Japanese garden that took 180 years to complete


A nostalgic rural landscape with a beautiful contrast between ocean and terraced rice paddies


Nachi Taisha – a sacred location in Kumano that overlooks the scenic Nachi Falls


A symbol of Kagoshima that even now continues to smoke


Surrounded by strange rock formations known as The Ogre’s Washboard, Aoshima is an island that is overflowing with that feeling of the South Seas as subtropical flora flourish


An outlying island with the attractive Tsunoshima Bridge, white sandy beaches and the cobalt-blue sea


Sand dunes that span 16km east to west. See, experience and have fun!


Experience a different world through this silvery-white corridor with snow walls that soar 20m in height


A giant rock that soars high into the sky from ocean surface. You can sense the dynamism only found on Sado!


The best panoramic 360-degree view in Aso


Scenery that was built from a volcano. Thoroughly feel the grand power of nature


A 20km trip through the picturesque landscape of a gorge by trolley train


A World Heritage site of Scenic Beauty with a surviving elegant garden of Heian aristocracy that came of age in the Tohoku region


A famous place for night views. It is a symbolic presence for the Shirahama region which has been nationally designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty.


The famed impregnable castle completed by the Nagara River and the steep cliffs of Mt. Kinka


Thoroughly enjoy the beauty of Japanese architecture and the harmony of nature


Fukui Prefecture, which has the nation’s largest number of dinosaur fossil digs, boasts Japan’s largest dinosaur museum


The famous garden of the Shimazu clan with the dynamic Kinko Bay and Sakurajima in the background


A mystical volcanic lake at a high 2,405m which is known as “God’s Kitchen”.


Hike the Kumano Kodo path leading to the sacred site – A soothing peaceful walk through the forest


A picturesque area of scenic beauty with a wide curving seashore and a lovely green pine forest


An island with Ishikawa Prefecture’s singular romantic beach where you can hope for that wonderful encounter


Famous worldwide! Japanese macaque monkeys soaking in a hot spring in a bitterly cold and snowy valley


In a mountain village with deep snow populated by thatched-roof houses, you will sense the tradition that has been preserved over the generations


The great amount of snow is the biggest attraction. A highland resort where you can truly enjoy skiing and an onsen


The only road of its type in Japan! A scenic beach on which any type of vehicle can drive on


One of Japan’s prominent limestone caves that has been designated as a Special Natural Monument and measures 8.9km in total length


Kegon Falls

With its cascading impact kicking up the spray, this is one of Japan’s prominent waterfalls


An island with beautiful scenery contrasting a large field of flowers with the blue ocean


The shrine founded to enshrine the sword that is one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan


A highly elegant circuit-style Japanese garden boasting beautiful blossoms of tree peonies all throughout the year


Japan’s foremost grand dam with its huge arch and the magnificent Alps in the background


The temple of more than 300 serenely standing stone Buddha statues is located close to downtown Hiroshima


The world’s No. 1 crater volcano! Mt. Naka has the only active volcano on Mt. Aso.


In the World Heritage gassho-zukuri village of Gokayama, you will encounter a quiet mountain community with a simple traditional culture


A dynamic waterfall flowing from Lake Yu-no-ko


A gondola wrapped in all glass for a 360-degree scenic view full of thrills


Japan’s largest park for flowers and birds spreading over a hilly area along the shores of Lake Shinji


Head for a place above the clouds on Japan’s first double-decker ropeway!


A large recreation facility with plants and flowers surrounded by the sea


You can enjoy the 360-degree grand panorama of the scenery of Sapporo



The winding roads of Irohazaka are known for their 48 curves. This is a drive which you can enjoy for the view from 2 parking areas.


Lake Chuzenji

Lake Chuzenji, the summer resort loved by foreign travelers


Steep cliffs that dominate over a clear stream create a dynamic gorge that evokes an eternal history


Known as one of Japan’s Three Secluded Regions, this is a V-shaped valley with beautiful greenery and fall foliage


An encounter rate of 99%! See a pod of wild dolphins within just 15 minutes


The cherry blossom-lined path created from a filled-in moat is a must-see at the former Edo Castle and current Imperial Palace

Sado Mine

The remains of a once-flourishing gold mine which boasted Japan’s highest ore output, discovered during the Edo Era


Pink shibazakura (moss phlox) spreads all over behind Mt. Fuji. Go and see this scenery only seen in spring.


An island which was a former penal colony where you can fully enjoy traditional culture together with Mother Nature


Enjoy your day at the Tokyo’s vast historical landmark, The Imperial Palace East Gardens


In autumn, the Japanese pampas plains of Sengokubara are wrapped in gold


Rainbow Bridge

The landmark for the Tokyo waterfront. The night view is spectacular!


Enjoy nature in the middle of the city at Tokyo’s version of Central Park


Try panning for gold as you learn all about it by the historic Sado Gold Mine


One of the Three Views of Japan, it is a World Heritage island that has been worshipped as a sacred island since ancient times


A popular onsen resort with a view of Mt. Yufu and Lake Kinrin


Try a 90-minute sea kayaking course that takes you into the rough waves of the Sea of Japan!


The village of gassho-zukuri houses which has been recognized as a World Heritage site where tradition and a way of life exist


Yoyogi Park

After shopping in cute and poppy Harajuku, relax in Yoyogi Park.


Relax in an idyllic onsen village surrounded by a primeval Japanese beech forest


Hot winds and hot springs from underground. Experience a hot spring tour of great variety.


A natural walking course built from lava and a ravine


A power spot in Setonaikai National Park, the first park to be so designated as a national park in Japan


Immerse yourself in the beauty of the four seasons at the gorge with a superb view created from fantastically-shaped rocks and waterfalls


Nezu Museum

Indulge quietly in old Asian art near fashionable Omotesando


Surrounded by the nature of the Tajima mountain range, these are the ruins of a castle that mysteriously seem to float in the sky


Soothe your body through the warmth of the sand while listening to the sound of the waves


A wide swath of terraced rice paddies cultivated on a slope through natural agricultural methods



Arashiyama, a prominent tourist spot in Kyoto where you can enjoy the great outdoors


The huge column-shaped cliffs that spread out below are examples of world-class scenery



A park facing the Tokyo Bay with vestiges of an Edo period shogun’s hunting field


The two large rocks that burst from the sea form an ever-changing secluded beach depending on the season and weather


A safari park where you can observe wild animals close up nestled in the grand nature of Oita Prefecture


Mt. Takao

A short one-hour ride from the center of Tokyo, it’s a mountain filled with nature and miracles


Cruise down the Geibikei Gorge with its superb scenery as you hear the strains of the minyo song “Oiwake Uta”


Covered in 120 kinds of moss, it’s a splendid garden which spreads out like a green carpet.


200ha of park! This grand park by the sea is a paradise of flowers all-year round.


The perfect points to view Matsushima amid the mountains


One hour away from Tokyo, hiking at the ancient capital of Kamakura


One of Japan’s representative gorges with a beauty shaped by nature


A mountain hamlet onsen area lit by gas lamps filled with nostalgia


A tranquil area surrounded by mountain greenery with temples scattered throughout


The only natural valley within the 23 wards of Tokyo. Take a walk through the natural forest to forget the hustle and bustle of the city.


Time passes slowly in the temple grounds surrounded by flora such as moss and cedars.


30 minutes away from the center of Osaka, walk the path alongside a clear stream leading up to Minoo Falls


The castle of a Nambu feudal lord inside a civic park. The remains of the stone walls have history carved into them


Visit Kurama, a mysterious area where it’s said that a tengu (long-nosed goblin) lives


A mysterious stream flowing through the lush Towada-Hachimantai National Park


Mt. Tsukuba

Multiple hiking courses to satisfy a wide variety of visitors from beginners to advanced hikers


Enjoy a cruise viewing scenery interweaving sheer cliffs and a complex bay


A mystical cedar forest which has existed for about 300 years with huge trees uniquely shaped through the actions of strong winds and snow


A small island, 4km in circumference, projecting from the shore as one of Japan’s 100 Best Sceneries.


A Japanese garden with a genuine teahouse where you can spend a tranquil time.


The beautiful museum of art with a garden boasting its fall foliage


A grand and mysterious primeval forest spreading out at the foot of Mt. Fuji


The charm of cruising down the Hozu River by boatmen carrying on a 400-year tradition


A popular if secluded hot spring which boasts that if you enter it for 3 days then you will not catch a cold for 3 years


Once a place to welcome VIPs, the view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi is first-rate


Mt. Takao, a famous place for the fall colors that change the earliest in Kyoto…there is a walking course to enjoy the autumn foliage


A natural sand bath using the geothermal heat of a hot spring


The gorge that is reminiscent of a writhing dragon is picturesque scenery that is a part of Nikko National Park


Get a full view of nature in the Hozu River valley colored by the four seasons from the leisurely running Torokko


A famous place for the autumn colors with a beautiful contrast between the 200 colorful trees and the moss


A nationally-recognized Special Place of Scenic Beauty, the 13km canyon is one of western Japan’s unexplored regions


The final dream of Hideyoshi, viewings of cherry blossoms and fall foliage at Daigo-ji


A prominent onsen in Japan for treatment of ailments due to its effectiveness from the high acidity of its waters


A secluded area within a quasi-national park which has a world-famous natural bridge


A castle town of character which is popularly known as the Little Kyoto of Hida


A rare scene is provided with Bishamondo which seems to meld into the rock wall


A popular spot in Okinawa where you can get a superb view from the bridge and enjoy the beaches on an outlying island


The world of the “Pure Land” as the scenery of mysterious stone mountains rises up from the bay


Monet’s official garden with beautiful flowers and water lilies in full bloom within the natural environment of Kochi Prefecture


Enjoy the huge beech forest that is the pride of Tadami from a walking course on a gentle slope


One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan which boasts the wonderful scenery of a Japanese garden. Coming up with a way to tour the garden will result in experiencing the tale of a famous garden.


With an alternate name of Yodo Falls, it is one of Japan’s Three Great Waterfalls whose appearance changes throughout the seasons


Mount Osore

The northernmost sacred area that is reputed to gather the spirits of the dead


Get that panoramic view of the city of Beppu and the Kuju Mountains which are wonderful to see in every season


Board a nostalgic steam locomotive and enjoy the scenery along the Oi River


The Oriental Niagara Falls which suddenly appears from the countryside


The smallest of the Fuji Five Lakes which has been called the Switzerland of East Asia


Mt. Misen

A mysterious mountain that has been registered as a World Heritage site alongside Itsukushima Shrine for its primeval forest


Fukushima’s largest snow festival which is greatly celebrated even during the coldest of winters


A group of 5 remote hot springs in an area of rustic beauty at the foot of the Northern Alps


A World Heritage expanse of trees consisting of a virgin forest of Japanese beech


The cultivation of 150 types of fruits in 13 large and small orchards makes for one of Japan’s largest farms


A Zen temple shrouded in tranquility, it is also known as Kokedera.


The castle in the sky that creates the mysterious fog floating in the mountain-surrounded basin is miraculous scenery


The longest bridge in Honshu arching across the sky with the impressive symbol of a dragon


A small resort island whose 4km circumference has been designated as a national park


An outdoor park where you can get a taste of thrills and adventure while feeling Mother Nature in the middle of the woods


A quasi-national park where you can enjoy not just sightseeing but a trail run as well


Japan’s largest wasabi farm using the snowmelt from the Northern Alps


The whole year is the best season! A tourist spot filled with highlights


The grand panorama provided by the suspension bridge at an altitude of 777m scores 100% for its thrills and scenery


Take a dynamic walk along the grand panorama of precipitous cliffs that boast “Japan’s Most Beautiful Coastline”


A thrilling 60m-long suspension bridge spanning soaring Pacific cliffs!


The first national park to be created in the Chugoku region is a place to get in touch with nature by kids and grown-ups alike


400 kinds of animals including the adorable panda are on display


Refreshing bicycle rides overlooking the beauty of many islands on Japan’s first highway over the sea


Passing down a garden culture from the Edo Era, this is a renowned garden which was finally completed in modern times.


A limestone cave with a deep blue, clear and tranquil lake of mystery


A lovely shrine with a vermilion shinden hall on its wide grounds surrounded by deep forest


A short trip from the heart of the city. Head for Mt. Mitake, a spiritual mountain amid nature


A mysterious group of temples built on rock face of a mountain


Rural districts, water wheels, thatched-roof houses…experience the region of Tono within the landscape of a recreated agricultural village


At 40 degrees north latitude, a panorama of superb scenery that is said to have the most beautiful seasonal changes


A forest remaining in the heart of Tokyo where you can forget about the city and relax


A grand resort area to enjoy nature just two hours away from Tokyo


A natural treasure trove where Mother Nature spreads out untouched by Man as it is surrounded by glittering coral and the beautiful sea


A landscape of the epic sea, fantastically-shaped rocks and pine forests which is a Place of Scenic Beauty along the coast


The relaxing tree-lined roads of Bise District still evoke an Okinawa from long ago


A spectacular sight of a carved rock face millions of years in the making


A highland sightseeing road linking popular resorts


A civic park close to the sea and nature where you can enjoy an entire day.


A history of hardship and restoration. See the masterpiece of the Standing Image of Shokannon protecting the Tohoku’s oldest temple


Get a taste of enjoyment from real motor sports with the whole family


A lake that looks wonderful no matter the season with its fresh greenery, fall leaves and snow camellia


A spirited local railroad on which you can enjoy a Japanese countryside of the good old days


A mysterious island with a large ancient forest


A prestigious shrine and the base for Japanese mythology dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu


Encounter the sea life of Kujukushima at the aquarium and cruise among the 200-odd islands in the area


The spectacular discharge of water and the dam lake are popular highlights. The height of Nukui Dam is the 2nd-largest in Japan!


Ritsurin Park

A wonderful and beautiful pond garden that was finally completed after 100 years


Take a stroll through a beech forest while observing valuable plants and animals and a beautiful waterfall


Not only providing the largest picturesque scenery of the Fuji Five Lakes, it is also a highland resort with onsen and leisure facilities


An open-air museum relating the old hometown traditions of Tono


Japan’s first global geopark, Shimabara Peninsula and Shimabara Castle Town/Onsen Village


The popular distinctive onsen within the Kirishima Mountains enveloped by rich forest


Enjoy the wonderful view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji


The main temple of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism standing on a deeply-forested cedar mountain


A lake where you can feel the mystery of nature created by Mt. Fuji next to the Aokigahara Jukai Forest


The deepest of the Fuji Five Lakes whose waters have a high degree of clarity. It is a beautiful lake whose surface is an azure blue


One of the foremost places of scenic beauty in the Chubu region created from a natural formation and a dam


A famous place for lovely mountain flora that has been selected as one of the Top 100 Mountains for Flowers in Japan


Seibu Rindo Forest Path


The appearance of it flowing down 3 levels resembles that of a white dragon flying up to the sky


The beautiful mountains of Tadami that have snow even in summer


The view from the peak makes for a superb viewing spot which has been introduced countless times in the mass media


The highest peak in the Chugoku district! An all-natural theme park which you can enjoy in every season


A resort which includes Unzen Jigoku (Hell) with its plumes of white gas and a trip through the sky at 1300m altitude


The highest sacred ground in Okinawa which has been registered as a World Heritage site


A highland resort where you can fully enjoy the blessings of nature without fail all throughout the year


A theme park where different generations can enjoy features such as the SL train which is popular with the kids against the backdrop of the four seasons


Okinawa’s premier diving spot which has been selected as one of Okinawa’s Top 100 Views


A wonderful forest where you can view clear streams flowing close up


The southernmost point of Shikoku where the Kuroshio Current comes in contact has a superb view that spreads out


Two popular lava caves in Aokigahara Forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji


A pure Japanese onsen inn surrounded by primeval forest, it provides healing from a simple mountain hospitality and supreme waters


An Okinawan tourist spot famous for its cliff shaped like an elephant’s trunk


The first scenic spot as you enter the Kamikochi area. The pond has a lovely mirror-like surface.


One of Japan’s most beautiful mountain areas which has also been recognized nationally as a Special Area of Scenic Beauty


A park with the only underwater observatory tower on the main island of Okinawa is a natural aquarium


Kappabashi Bridge which is the symbol of Kamikochi is popular as a photo spot


Second only to Mt. Fuji in altitude, it is one of Japan’s Top 100 Mountains


Picturesque scenery boasting one of Japan’s most beautiful gorges which has been selected as one of the nation’s Top 100 Natural Views


Japan’s first museum to relate the threat and lessons of volcanic disaster to future generations


A graceful waterfall on which water flows down many layers like silk


A famous waterfall representing Izu which has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Great Waterfalls


The largest waterfall on the main island of Okinawa which still retains nature that is peculiar to a subtropical zone


A symbolic curl (basin) of Japan that was formed from erosion over 20,000 years


A tourist train going through the landscape of one of Japan’s Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS).


A beautiful waterfall which is said to resemble the long flowing hair of an old woman


A mountain onsen with a wild feeling and hot waters roaring through the rough rock


The Sea of Japan’s first semi-submerged tour boat on which you can get views over and under the sea


Dynamic picturesque scenery symbolizing Oki Geopark that is Japan’s largest cliff


An interactive learning school surrounded by one of the finest primeval beech forests in the world


Known as a resort area and as a famous place for the autumn colors, this is a beautiful valley to be enjoyed during all 4 seasons


The best beach on Yakushima Island has that wonderful contrast between the blue sea and the white sands


A grand waterfall which was carved out from massive bedrock by rain over the millennia


A natural cave mouth formed from the erosion of rough waves, the giant rock’s protrusion into the sea provides picturesque scenery


Special seating for viewing the sunset sinking into the sea, one of the world’s longest benches lies along a white sandy beach


A recreational park where you can easily see primeval cedar forests which have mostly disappeared from the mainland


Experience petting animals, milking and horse riding in the middle of Mother Nature


A waterfall providing a dynamic sight as water cascades over the rock wall from a height of 88m


A mysterious pond interweaving water, mountains and greenery in the sanctuary of Hotaka Shrine


A natural park flourishing with incredible 500-year-old Gajumaru Banyan trees


Two waterfalls representing an Oki geopark where you can view them from behind


An out-of-the-way onsen in the middle of Mother Nature, this mountain hot spring with billowing steam is exceptional


A paradise of wild horses exists at the southernmost tip of Miyazaki Prefecture jutting out into the Pacific Ocean


Angel Road only appears twice a day. It is a walking trail which is said to have been visited by the angels.


The best viewing point for Dogo Island! Rosoku-jima lights up the sunset like a candle


With its gigantic cooling tower jutting out from within a heavily-wooded mountain, this is Japan’s first geothermal plant


The most spectacular picturesque area of Dogo Island, the northernmost island of tThe most spectacular picturesque area of Dogo Island, the northernmost island of the Oki Islands, is an incredible panoramahe Oki Islands, is an incredible panorama


The largest Place of Scenic Beauty for the Asama Highlands created from lava rock due to the eruption of Mt. Asama


Two view spots on the smallest island of the Oki Islands


The largest example of picturesque scenery on the Oki Islands, it is an arched rock on the Kuniga Coast


The highest peak in Kyushu. The epic view from the peak is the best on Yakushima.


The popular high reddish-brown cliffs and the rocky shore as a matchmaking spot


Soar across a beautiful valley built over 2 million years


A group of 5 lakes with differing characteristics within beautiful nature. You can get a grand view from the observation point


A phenomenon which shows the mysterious spectacle of seawater being sprayed up a cliff wall to a maximum height of 30m


A 3.6km “bridge to heaven” over the sea created by nature over several thousand years


A dynamic waterfall which can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot from Shin-Kobe Station


A recreated German farming town at the foot of Mt. Akagi in an area filled with nature


Discovered 1200 years ago, this limestone cave boasts a size that is the largest in the Kanto region with a total length of 2.2km


Head for a tranquil farming village a little under 2 hours from downtown Tokyo. Experience furusato (home) to your heart’s content


An elegant waterfall from where underground water spouts from the rock face and falls like chiffon


The most popular vantage point among the “Matsushima Shitaikan” (Four Panoramic Views of Matsushima) is the “Sokan” (The Gorgeous View) on this peak!


A lush green natural park on Matsushima Bay. Head to the island via a vermillion bridge


The lake is famed for its water that is so clear, it’s like a mirror. Enjoy leisure activities such as pleasure cruises


Get that physical thrill in the great nature of Minakami! Enjoy that wild river sports experience  


One of Japan’s Three Great Mountains! The soaring 3000m Mt. Tate is an inspiration for climbers


Paddy Art Gigantic pictures appear on rice paddies! Colorful rice art from summer to autumn


A mysterious group of lakes and ponds located among Japanese beech forests and canyons


Wonderful scenery which changes by the season in the morning and at night! This is a shining crater lake in the middle of Mother Nature


The natural dynamism of Tsugaru. A huge coastal terrace facing the sea


A mysteriously blue crystal-clear pond whose miraculous color was created by nature