Nyuto Onsen Village ( 乳頭温泉郷 )

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Relax in an idyllic onsen village surrounded by a primeval Japanese beech forest

This group of hot springs located in nature-filled Towada-Hachimantai National Park is an onsen village with a history of Edo Era warriors soothing their fatigue in its waters. You can enjoy a tour of the springs nearby.

Secluded hot springs in the middle of the Tohoku nature

This group of 7 onsen that is situated at the foot of Mt. Nyuto in Towada-Hachimantai National Park is known as the Nyuto Onsen Village and has a history that stretches from the Edo Era. Surrounded by a primeval Japanese beech forest, the area has the attraction of being able to enjoy an onsen while taking a peaceful walk in the summer and admiring the fall colors and winter snowscapes. Having an onsen holiday in the middle of an unexplored area all throughout the four seasons makes for an exceptional experience within a simplicity of Mother Nature that can only be found in the Tohoku region.

Enjoy a tour among the 7 hot springs

Each of the 7 springs at Nyuto Onsen Village has a source spring with its own qualities and effects. The popular tour of the springs celebrates the very distinctive character of the springs. You can also enjoy a day trip to the village, but when you purchase a Spring Tour ticket booklet for 1500 yen that is restricted to guests staying overnight, you can easily enjoy the tour of the 7 springs. Plenty of accommodations exist at each hot spring: Tsurunoyu is the oldest of the 7 onsen with an honorable history as the bath for the feudal lord of Akita Prefecture, Taenoyu which serenely stands along a mountain stream, the secluded spring of Kuroyu Onsen at the back of the village which has existed since the Edo Era, Ganiba Onsen which is located up to 50 meters away from the inn in the middle of a primeval beech forest, the unique and nostalgic Ogama Onsen which has been set up inside a wooden school building that was moved to the area, Magoroku Onsen which is an old and simple hot spring health resort that has been called “the medicinal waters of the mountain”, and Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen Village where you can comfortably spend time in a newly-renovated facility in the middle of a natural forest. You can search for that inn of your choice and forget about the everyday and relax body and soul as you enjoy the spring tour while dining on the regional cuisine of Akita.

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Business hours Differs depending on the onsen
Closed Differs depending on the onsen
Price Day-trip visits to the onsen (please refer to the website for accommodations)
Tsurunoyu 510 yen *For day trips, the open-air bath cannot be used on Mondays
Taenoyu 720 yen
Kuroyu Onsen 510 yen
Ganiba Onsen 510 yen
Magoroku Onsen 510 yen
Website ryokan.glocal-promotion.com

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